David Welling

Primary Skills

Developer   I am a full stack polyglot, currently focused on NodeJS, ReactJS, RabbitMQ, MongoDB, Docker and Kubernetes. I can usually be productive in a new language or technology within a few days.
Architect   I have over a decade experience building one enterprise or custom solution after another. Every one of them has been better than the previous.
Director   I lead teams. I have for two decades. It doesn't matter if your process is Scrum, Lean, Continuous Integration or Continuous Delivery, your team will thrive with me behind them.


Director of Software Development
Strategic Systems & Technology

Apr 2013 - Present

SST's core business is locationing technologies like RFID and barcode. From documents, to livestock, to biomedical containers, my team and I write software to associate items with locations and provide reporting on web, desktop and mobile platforms.

This is always a small elite team (less than 20 devs and QAs at all times), so I've remained active in every aspect of software construction and deployment.

We primarily develop in NodeJS, AngularJS and ReactJS, but remain very capable in ASP.NET. We store data in MongoDB, Couchbase and SQL Server. We deploy to AWS, Azure, customer infrastructure or internal Kubernetes infrastructure using custom installations or Octopus. All builds are continuously integrated via TeamCity. Mobile applications are on Android and Windows Mobile using native code, React Native or Xamarin.

Senior Engineer
Strategic Systems & Technology

Feb 2003 - Mar 2013

I designed, implemented, deployed and maintained custom and enterprise software in a large variety of business applications.

This was primarily C# development for applications written in ASP.NET, Silverlight, Windows Forms and Windows Mobile. Database development was in SQL Server and SQL Server CE. Deployments to Azure and customer infrastructure were via Octopus, custom installations or MSIs. Continuous Integration was via TFS or TeamCity

Unit Manager and Tech Project Manager
Hewitt Associates

Aug 1997 - Jan 2003

Managed a technology group maintaining production software controlling 5 billion dollars in 401(k) assets.


BS, Decision Information Science
University of Florida
1997 - 4.0 major
Black belt (active)
Chung Mu HapKiDo

Technical Skills


  • 5 Coding
  • 5 Agile Processes
  • 5 Testing Automation
  • 4 TDD/BDD
  • 4 DevOps
  • 4 Enterprise Software Architecture
  • 4 SAAS (Azure, AWS and GCP)

Tools, Languages and Frameworks

  • 5 React.js
  • 4 Node.js
  • 4 Docker
  • 5 JavaScript/ES6
  • 4 Babel/Webpack
  • 1 Typescript
  • 3 CSS/Sass/Less
  • 5 Mocha/Expect/Sinon.js
  • 5 Selenium
  • 1 Webdriver.io/Protractor
  • 4 MongoDB
  • 1 Couchbase
  • 3 Kubernetes
  • 3 RabbitMQ
  • 3 Hapi.js
  • 2 Express.js
  • 4 Angular.js
  • 4 JQuery
  • 3 D3
  • 5 C#
  • 5 SQL and SQL Server
  • 5 NUnit/SpecFlow
  • 5 ASP.NET
  • 3 Ruby
  • 2 Java
  • 1 C/C++
  • 2 Cordova
  • 1 Xamarin
  • 1 ReactNative
  • 5 WindowsMobile
  • 5 TFS (Installation, Customization, Builds, Work-Item Management, etc.)
  • 4 Git
  • 3 Powershell
  • 5 TeamCity
  • 4 Octopus